Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

‘In just 30 Minutes, the sun provides enough energy to the earth to sustain mankind for a year’

With global temperatures continuing to rise and the development of innovative and sustainable renewable energy solutions proving to be more cost effective, using the suns energy to provide 50-60% of annual domestic hot water requirements and because it uses indirect solar radiation, not just direct sunlight, it works efficiently in the UK.


Flat plate and evacuated tube collectors


Collectors tested to BS EN 12975 or BS EN 12976

Installed costs

Typically £4,000 to £6,000

Running costs

Virtually none, a small electric pump is usually required


A typical solar water heating system will provide over 1,000 kWh of
hot water per year, saving around £55.00 per year in a home with
gas water heating. Renewable Heat Incentive not included


Minimal annual checks with a service every three to five years

Energy availability

Throughout the year but mostly in the summer months, A primary
heat source will still be required

Planning issues

Generally not required, however there are exceptions and

CO2 emissions

Virtually none during operation, Can reduce household emissions by
260kg CO2 per year when replacing gas heating

Other issues

Best results from roofs facing south

(Quote from the energy saving trust. A guide to renewable energy -

Renewable heat Incentive: The government is offering substantial financial rewards for installing solar hot water systems. Based on the payments received for the heat generated, plus the reduction in current heating costs. The average home is expected to make over £450 profit in one year. alone