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Under Floor Heating

The technology itself is fairly simple, the heated floor acts as an efficient low-level radiator distributing heat evenly into each room and gradually warming the living space through a combination of radiant energy and conduction.

In a modern well insulated home, where heat loss factors have been taken into consideration, under floor heating can act as a primary heat source, eliminating the need for radiators.

Generally speaking UFH can be up to 25% more efficient than radiator heating, while additional saving can be made in the form of reduced maintenance costs.

The benefits of UFH also extend to sustainability. While radiators rely on water heated to a temperature of around 80c, an UFH system typically requires 40-60c heated water.

As lower output is required the system lends its self to renewable technologies such as ground or air source heat pumps, which operate efficiently at low flow temperatures. See more -

Typical system quotation based on ground floor installation only to include programmable thermostats, insulation, manifold, actuators, thermostats and 600 metres 16x2 composite pipe £1,227.00 + VAT.







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