Due to the demand for energy efficient and water saving products, link to

CMS Plumbing Services Ltd offers a range of solutions

Sanitary ware and Brass ware:
Sanitary ware-many manufacturers now offer water saving products.

  • Dual flush cisterns
  • Short projection basins
  • Low volume baths
  • Water temperature control devises (anti-scald)

Energy efficiency solutions:
Under floor heating requires less energy to heat a room than traditional radiators, visit - for more info.

  • Ease of installation
  • Low installation cost
  • Reduced cost saving of between 15% and 40%
  • Ideally suited to low temperature heating systems, Solar, Air / Ground source

High performance sustainable Sheep’s wool insulation:
Sanitary ware-many manufacturers now offer water saving products.

  • Natural, sustainable, renewable
  • Breathable
  • Fire resistant









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With up to 50% of your heating disappearing through an inadequately insulated roof space it pays to check.

Pipe work insulation:
Ensuring your pipe work is fully insulated to the latest Building Regulations Part L, will help to ensure that the cost of producing heat is not lost, and so saving you money.